DCPL UPDATE - May 2015

By: icklepaddler On: 21-05-2015

DCPL UPDATE - Completion of Autumn 2014 League

We wish to confirm that we will conclude the DCPL Autumn League during the month of June. With the longer evenings it is possible to conclude the league outdoors.
The proposed dates are:
·         Friday June 12th - Games

·         Friday June 19th - Games

·         Friday June 26th - Games (if required)  / AGM

Can each team confirm their availability as soon as possible, but no later than Tuesday 26th of May. Once teams have confirmed their availability we will draw up the timetable, and issue by Friday 29th May.

The likely venue will be Phibsborough, though there are a couple of possibilities. As these pitches are too small for 4 a side, please plan for a 5 a side team. We will review the rules as required.

Venue, rules etc will be confirmed when the Timetable is issued.
We appreciate these dates may not suit everyone, as traditionally the league is finished by the end of May. If you will not have a team and do not wish to finish out the league, please let us know as soon as possible.

Finally please note that the AGM will be held on Friday June 26th, with Venue and Time to be confirmed. During the AGM we will discuss what our options are for continuing the league into the future. If you do have any suggestions, please do forward them to the canoedcpl@gmail.com so they can be collated in advance of the AGM.
Thank you all for your support.  

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Rule  41

.1 The timekeeper will indicate the end of the period of playing time by the use of a loud signal. The ball is dead at the start of the signal. The referee shall use signal 2 to confirm the timekeeper's signal.
.2 If a goal penalty-shot has been awarded prior to the signal for completion of p

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