By: icklepaddler On: 02-09-2014

Welcome to a DCPL Autumn 2014!
Website is fully updated with this seasons timetable!
Important Info:
Get your teams updated! In order to get teams in, we accepted entries that hadn't got player details updated. This needs to be completed asap! As usual, all players must be registered with valid CI numbers at least the Thursday before they are due to play. No exception will be made to this.
Teams must perform duty once during the season for a half of the night. The league is fully run by volunteers, so all teams are expected to show up in plenty of time for their duty, and with at least 3 members. Teams that do not fully comply will be deducted 3 points from their league standings!
If you have anything you would like to discuss with regards to the above or any other aspect of the league, please contact

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Rule  41

.1 The timekeeper will indicate the end of the period of playing time by the use of a loud signal. The ball is dead at the start of the signal. The referee shall use signal 2 to confirm the timekeeper's signal.
.2 If a goal penalty-shot has been awarded prior to the signal for completion of p

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