DCPL 2015 - league entries now open!

By: icklepaddler On: 25-08-2015

And we're back! :)

A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes to bring DCPL back to life and we are pleased to tell you the DCPL 2015 season will commence on Friday 11th September at the DCC pool in Crumlin from 7pm - 11pm. Please read all the details below carefully to ensure you have all the info you need.

Entries are on a first come first served basis and will not be accepted after this date. We will only be accepting the first 28 teams into the league for this season. All entries must be entered on the website by 4th September to allow us to issue the timetable and verify Canoeing Ireland numbers. Each player must have an up to date valid Canoeing Ireland number registered on the website for insurance reasons. This will be verified and if players are found to not be registered with the Canoeing Ireland, they will not be allowed play AND will forfeit their game for the team too.

All fees must be paid by 8th September. IF there are any issues with this, please email us asap and we will look at it on an individual basis. If a team has not paid their fees, they will forfeit the game. If there are specific dates that your team is unable to play please let us know by September 4th.

What else do you need to know?
We have increased the length of games to 8 minutes a half and have allowed 20 minutes per game on the timetable. We will have to be very strict on start times and ask for your co-operation to ensure that games do not over run. Any team not on the water at their given timeslot will concede a goal a minute up to 3 minutes at which time the match will be abandoned.

At this moment in time, there is no boat storage onsite and teams will need to provide their own boats. If teams require the use of other clubs equipment, please contact the clubs directly.

How do I register?

Dublin Canoe Polo League
Sort Code: 98-50-10
Account Number: 14247183
Amount: €250
Bank: Ulster Bank

You can lodge cheques to this account also but please ensure your team name is used as reference.

DCPL 2015:

Venue: Pearse Park, Windmill Road, Crumlin, Dublin 12
Closing Date: 4th September 2015
League Start: 11th September 2015
Fee: €250 - to be paid by 8th September 2015
Registration Form (log in first)

If you have any questions, please email canoedcpl@gmail.com

DCPL Committee

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Rule  39

.1 The player taking any goal line-throw, cornerthrow, sideline-throw, free-throw or free-shot must hold the ball above their head, at arms length with their kayak stationary, before taking the throw. The player?s initial throw must travel one meter measured horizontally from the point o

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