By: icklepaddler On: 08-10-2015


It's been an intersting couple of weeks in the new pool. 


Some points we want to draw attention to below.


- The pool requires us to be off the water by 22.45 each evening.
- This means teams MUST be on the pitch at their alloted start times.
- Teams must also be on duty on time.
- Our attempt to move to 8 minute halves has not worked so we have reverted back to 7 minutes a half.
- Please also check the timetable for amendments to your game times as all games have been brought earlier by 5 mins.



- Please Please Please, make sure your boats are clean before bringing them into the pool - this pool is used by others through out the day. 

- Now is the time to re-check the padding on your boat. We really don't want to deal with broken tiles or anything else. 


With the new pool and new CI insurance indemnity, this is more important than ever before

All players must have a valid Canoeing Ireland number, if you haven’t got it already, tell them you need it for DCPL and they’ll process it as quickly as they can. If you do not have an approved CI number on the Thursday before you play, you will not be allowed play. Any player found to have played before they were registered will have their game scratched. No exceptions.

The timetable is easily accessible for all on the DCPL website, if you need to make changes please arrange with other teams, and give the committee confirmation from all affected teams in advance.
There are no guarantees that these can be fulfilled.

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Rule  34

.1 Any infringement committed by a player during a break in play.
.2 Hindering another player's attempt at righting themselves after capsizing. A player who is upside down must be allowed to get their head and both shoulders above the water before an opponent is allowed to attempt another tac

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