Welcome to Spring 2014!

By: icklepaddler On: 29-01-2014

Firstly, a huge welcome to a new season – Spring 2014!
Website is now fully updated! Thank you very much for your patience!

The growth of our sport, with continued registration of new teams into the league, is very positive, but also a real challenge to manage. To try cope with this continued demand last season, we had to make some big changes to the format of the league. There was a lot of feedback around the league structure and format and with the help of our subcommittee volunteers (thank you!) we have reviewed all of our options.

This wasn’t an easy task for this season as not only did we have the to maintain and achieve the core goals of the league, but we had to ensure that the league didn’t run on too late as we all know that as soon as there is a stretch in the evenings we’d all rather be outside.

We will continue with the same structure as last season with three divisions.
In order to finish at the end of May, we’ll be holding the league on the three Thursday evenings in May aswell as the usual league on the Friday night.

The first four nights of Spring 2014 have been published on FB and emailed to all Team Secretaries.
Once the Autumn league finishes up on Friday we will publish the final tables and switch the website over to the new league.

Important Info:

As usual, all players must be registered with valid ICU numbers at least Thursday before they are due to play. No exception will be made to this.

All teams will continue to sign in for each game they play. We thank you for compliance of this in the Autumn season and we found it to be very valuable.


Teams must perform duty once during the season for a half of the night. The league is fully run by volunteers, so all teams are expected to show up in plenty of time for their duty, and with at least 3 members. Teams that do not fully comply will be deducted 3 points from their league standings!

If you have anything you would like to discuss with regards to the above or any other aspect of the league, please contact canoedcpl@gmail.com


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TIME-OUT (Rule 19)

Rule  19

.1 The referee shall use a triple whistle to stop the game for time-out, except when a goal is scored in which case a long whistle blast will be used.
.2 Time-out must be given if a capsized player or their equipment is interfering with play.
.3 Time-out should be used immediately when

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